A man is driving through the countryside and suddenly develops car
trouble. The road is deserted and, having no other choice, he pulls his car
over. Fortunately he sees a farmhouse a little way away and walks there in
hope of using a phone to call for help.

At the house, the farmer answers the door and hearing the man's plight
welcomes him in to use the phone. While the man is on the phone calling
a garage, he notices something odd in the farmer's backyard - a pig with a
wooden leg. Waiting for the tow truck, the two strike up a conversation.

The man can't help his curiosity and asks the farmer, "Was that a pig with
a wooden leg I saw in your yard?"

"Yes it was," the farmer replies.

The man says, "I have to know - why does the pig have a wooden leg?"

"Well, that's a very special pig," the farmer says. "One day, I tripped and
sprained my ankle in the far field. That pig pulled me from harm's way,
went to the house, got my wife and let her know I was in trouble."

"Wow," the man said. "I don't know of many dogs that could do that. That
is a special pig. But, please tell me, why does the pig have a wooden

"Well, as I was saying," the farmer replied, "that's a very special pig. One
day me and the Mrs were asleep in bed when the house caught fire. That
pig ran upstairs, jumped on the bed, woke us up and saved our lives."

"I can see that the pig is very special," the man says, "But, please tell me!
Why does the pig have a wooden leg?"

"Well," the farmer replies, "With a pig as special as that, you wouldn't
want to eat him all at once, would you?"