Non PC Jokes

I'm American and I'm sick of people saying America is the "stupidest
country in the world."

Personally, I think Europe is the stupidest country in the world.



My mate told me that if I was buying condoms at the supermarket, I
should buy a couple of other things so that people didn't look at me funny.

With hindsight, lollies and a Barbie doll probably wasn't the best choice.




I'm not normally suspicious, but the wife told me yesterday that Gavin from
Autoglass came round and injected his special resin into her crack.

She hasn't even got a car.




Turns out Didier Drogba could have played for Scotland. His mother was
born at Edinburgh Zoo.




My wife had a job interview for a camera store the other day,

Before she left, she knew I'd have a joke lined up and said, "Please don't
give me any of your silly puns like: you're a snappy dresser or it'll be over
in a flash..."

So I punched her in the face and said, "That bruise should develop in an
hour and, if you interrupt my jokes again, well, you get the picture..."



Russian sex change surgeon................ Doctor Cutcherkokov