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Whats your sex appeal?

20 April 2010

How many animals can you fit in a pair of tights?

2 calves, 1 beaver, 1 ass, 1 pussy, countless hares, the occasional cock and 1 dead fish that no one can find

15 April 2010

Check your blood pressure

Augusta Part 2

The Original Computer!!!!

Village Idiots

Sad but True.....



22 January 2010

Press Confirence from the Department of Homeland Security

Route to Heaven

2010 Calendar

Tip for Cycliists - When you purchase your bike, make sure the color of the seat is taken into consideration!

The Latest in Ladies T Shirts


29 December 2009

bet he won't do that again...

Mission Impossible (Not for Kids)

Just when you thought you seen them all...


Brazilian Beauty

28 December 2009

Scottish Advent Calendar

Move Titis

It pays to read the little stories

For all you golfers.........Should collared shirts be compulsory on the golf course...???

Australian Beach Soccer

Proof there ARE some considerate men in this world!


27 December 2009

Orthopaedic bed for men

New xmas song

A Glesca Wedding

Christmas for the boys


Aussie Jingle Bells

Square Testicles

Having a bad day? remember it could be worse...

5 December 2009

Book shelves for sale

3 women & The Black Bra


Merry Christmas from Osama!

How to change a VW belt

10 drugs

14 November 2009

Appoligies for the lack of updates, have had trouble with the server that I've had to deal with.

Barbie Girl Dance - Sent in by a user of website. Can you do better? If you can why not email it to me and I'll put it on the site.

Who said romance was dead? Glasgow personal ad

Windows down

Candid Camera 1

Candid Camera 2

First Impressions

Something you've never seen before ....careful

Pictures to Ponder

Fun work

Non PC Jokes

It's what your all thinking

Genuine Pizza Complaint to Asda

On August 19th, 2007, an oil tanker off the coast of Australia split in two, dumping 20,000 tons of crude oil. Senator Collins, a member of the Australian Parliament, appeared on a TV news program to reassure the Australian public. This actual interview is so funny, you'd swear it was a Saturday Night Live or Monty Python skit. But it's the real thing.

22 September 2009

Blind Cricket

Best Balcony Competition


Tourettes order Derry Chinese

24 August 2009

Screw Missing

Mona Greasa by McDonald's

15 August 2009


12 August 2009

Boat Launching Procedures

A Mother Son's Wedding

Mothers know best

A Woman Only Needs !!

9 August 2009

Seconds before death (warning: this is scary !)

Getting Old

Circle the Cat



Something to make you smile

How Tequila works !!!

24 July 2009

Classic Motor bike garage opener

23 July 2009


Health & Safety in Action
Keep a good grip on the hand rails when on a moving train

7 Rabbits


Courting in Scotland

How is it...

Brad Pitt


The Steamy Side Of Maturity


4 May 2009


How to hold a beer while riding a Harley

2008 Darwin Awards

McDonalds Calendar


Do you check your childs homework?

Painted Ceiling & Floor


11 April 2009

Easter Greeting

Wii pour femme

You Can't Fool Grandmas

Chicken Joke

One of those days?

Miss Universe Slideshow wait til u c 4th place!


5 April 2009

Appoligies for the long period without any updates. Hopefully these will make up for it.

Robust PC

Motherhood in the Animal Kingdom...

Home Alone

Pool Jump

Office Golf

Son "asin" 1

Son "asin" 2

Son "asin" 3

Son "asin" 4

Rules of the Road

My Diet was going well, then....

You know your Scottish when...

La Ferrari Rouge


Karaoke for the Deaf

Female Drivers

Walk in..........

Smurfs Working Hard

Scottish Divorce

Wow photos

21 December 2008

Flowchart of Sex

Married too long

Whats your sex appeal?

Beer Has The Same Effect

11 December 2008

Answer honestly !


Car Wash

Ernest The Engine

Kissing !!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 December 2008

A Christmas Note from Santa....

25 November 2008


Soaking Corks.

How beer works

Wii games

Stretching after jogging

Garbage man flirt

Goldfish Tragedy


6 November 2008



Beach Soccer - why it's taking off

Ginger Bread Humour

Genuine Newspaper Cuttings

Mother in Law Visit

3 November 2008

Hamburger and Chips

Wedding Video

Personal Ads

Today's motivational message

Men are all the same

18 October 2008

Man of the Year Award

Desperate Call Centre

30 August 2008

Best Beer Commercial


Always check your flip flops!

Fold up Pub

Car Parking for Beginners

22 August 2008

Try and watch this without laughing

Shopping for Shoes (Have sound on)

It looked like a parking space

There's a Dickh*ad in the pool.

Non PC

Thank you email


Some Photos

The Wrongest Party Costumes

15 August 2008


Men see everything!

Brutal Shark Attack on Whale

Real DuraCell Ad From Germany - Won't See this in the UK

Did you know...


T-Shirts you won't find at Wal Mart

Differences are between Dolphins & Whales

26 July 2008

How to ruin the start of a good vacation!

Why women stay single

Benny Hill Wishing Well

I think i'd like to join this gym

13 July 2008

And you think mobiles are safe to use?

A woman being taught how to play golf

2 New HARLEY designs for '09

Why Women Need a Catalogue

You know you're from Scotland when....

Latest T-shirts - Not for Kids

What if Cadbury merged with Nestle...

Never Trust A Genie

3 July 2008

Train Runs Through Bangkok Market

Morale Booster Posters

White House Breakfast

Joys of Excel

Plz Where's Toilet?

The Journey of Man

14 June 2008

More effects of Global Warming

Bit Painful

Apple Shooter

Call a Spade a Spade? No Problem with the Trade Descriptions Act Here!

Advert for New Panasonic TV


11 June 2008
Sorry for the delay in putting new stuff up

Burger King

How to Get Rid of a One-Night Stand

Glasgow Airways

Take your own photo

Build your own woman

The world of difference ......

Global Warming at it's worst

Brazilian Womans Soccer Team

Need Glasses?

11 May 2008

Talented Squirrel

Office Stress 1

Office Stress 2

Office Stress 3

Office Stress 4


Brighten up your Day

Coming out of hibernation

BBQ @ my place!!!

The way it should be

7 May 2008

Male Camel Toe

Find out Car Valuations

The Missing Red Hankie


30 April 2008

Various Images

20 April 2008

Church Bulletins


Glade Plug Ups

Theraphy for Men

CV for Job

Duck Call - Not Work Safe!!!!!

The Wonders of Digital Editing

How Long can you Hold you Breath

19 April 2008

Scottish Calender

What your name really means

How to design a logo

Haynes Manuals : The Truth!

Tennis Game - Requires Excel

Perfect Wife

Girls of Hooters

Mudslide Victims Relief Fund - Please Donate

You thought you were having an ugly day!!!!

The magic of Photoshop

Dog Suicide

Typical Engineers

Added 16 April 2008
Sorry for delay in updating

Why you shouldn't put stuffed animals in your back window

Italian Chewing Gum

Weeedgie Dug

Jokes to offend everyone

Lord of the Rings

Work Related

Added 2 March 2008

Keep Fit

20 Reasons not to drink

Darwin Candidate 1

Darwin Candidate 2

Darwin Candidate 3

Darwin Candidate 4


Ouch! 1

Ouch! 2

Ouch! 3

Ouch! 4

Wedding Ring

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Added 21 February 2008

Top Tips

Idiot 1

Idiot 2

Idiot 3

Idiot 4

Cordless Drill

Brilliant Script Writing - Rainbow Vid

Life as it is


Talk about "a lending hand"...

Medical Joke

Added 25 December 2007

Dave The Hen

Funny Images

Track Your Partner

Glasgow Library

Countdown Conundrum

Blind Man with Blonds

Lawyer vs Glasgow Cop

Aliens may be "too weird" to spot

Auto Trader Ad

Why Children are funny

zen guide to life

Added 15 December 2007

Proof the Irish Discovered Africia

Alarm Clock

Goodbye golf

Added 3 November 2007

Chinese Proverbs

Father and Son

Running Funnies

Retro Toys Quiz

Poor Man

Crash Barrier

Some things don't need a caption

Collection of funny images

For the office

Streaker Scores Goal


Added 2 November 2007

Scottish Put downs

Every bride's worst nightmare....

For you golfers - Check out the new Burner/Taylor driver

Reality TV

Who takes these photos?


Added 23 September 2007 - Sorry for the delay in updating.

Why you should turn answer phone off!

HSE at it's best

The Lone Ranger

How to check your cars Air Conditioner

Noah 2007

Welsh Man

Fat Head

Added 13 September 2007 - Sorry for the delay in updating.

20 Reasons why not to drink

How to tell if your ass is too small

Shrink or Vacuum Packed

Keep Fit

Various Photos

Where is the Wedding Ring

Who says woman can't park

Added 29 July 2007

Remember to look both ways before you cross

Made by Hands

Human Tetris

Can't complain


Chewin the fat pick up lines


Bubba goes to the revival

Borat Baywatch


Added 22 July 2007

Thought for the Day


Who takes these photos????

True Story

World Submarine Regatta

Scouse Vasectomy

Doctor Dave

Big Boys Only - Be careful where/when you open this

Customer Care

Just a few facts of life to brighten your day


Capturing that special moment

Husband & Wife Stories

Extra one Added 16 July 2007

Things that will make you go OMG!

Added 16 July 2007

A Scots Perspective

Careful with some upgrades

What's the time?

Glasgow Burns Unit

Lovely job with the Bollards, just one thing wrong...

Added 14 July 2007


Permission to go out - The Boys Application - Read this one first, then read the girls one

Permission to go out - The Girls Application

Man in Tesco...

Test for Idiocy

Jack Schit


Bored Kangaroo

Independent Front Suspension

Added 13 July 2007

Take the David Blaine Friday Test

Did you know????

Can you solve the Geometry Problems?

Poolside Beauty :-)


Special Pig

Pick a T-Shirt

Added 12 July 2007

Clever Adverts

Think Elephants are Cute?

How observant are you?

Fuel Crisis!


Life can be Hard


Added 11 July 2007


Physics Exam

Hand Painting

Songs of Praise - with subtitles for the hard of heading, by the hard of hearing

Selection of Jokes

Images/Photos pre june 2007

Letter of the Year - Added 26/9/06

Glasgow edition of Windows XP - Added 22/9/06

Condoms - Added 16/9/06

Snappy Answers - Added 8/9/06

Steve Irwin Stuff - Added 5/9/06

A Man's last 24 Hours - Added 5/9/06

Nine Months Later

World Cup 2010

21 Things to say At Christmas

A Weding in Glasgow

Council Requests

How cars are recovered in Ireland

Humorous Road Signs

Your Ideal Job (Needs Excel)

Sex Education in Japan

Video - Shampain

Video - Mercury Mistress Car Advert

Video - How drunk would you have to be to do this